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Foreign Direct Investment Strategy

Project Overview:

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is part of the Town’s comprehensive economic development efforts to benefit local businesses and create local jobs. Building on past successes, the Town is now developing a comprehensive FDI Strategy that will have a global perspective.

The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Strategy is an important component of the overall Economic Development and Tourism Strategy.  The FDI Strategy will identify and leverage potentially significant international investment opportunities to support local economic activity and job creation.  The Strategy will align with Federal and Provincial investment priorities, trade strengths, target markets, key sectors and policy directions.

This FDI Strategy will complement the Town’s Economic Development and Tourism Strategy, which is concurrently under development.

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Project Status:

Project status graphic.jpg


  • May 15, 2019:  Project Launch
  • May 22 - June 30:  Situation Audit - Data Collection & Analysis
  • Situation Audit - Stakeholder Engagement
  • Situation Audit - Marketing & Communications
  • SWOT
  • Draft Strategy
  • Final FDI Strategy

Background Reports and Project Documents:

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