2022 Budget Receives Council Approval

On December 13, Council approved the 2022 budget for the Town of Halton Hills with a blended tax rate increase of 2.85% when combined with the forecasted tax changes at Halton Region (2.16%) and school boards (0%). The local Town tax increase is 4.57% with an additional 0.67% levy dedicated towards rising insurance premiums. Based on MPAC’s 2016 Current Value Assessment (CVA) of $623,500 for the average residential property in Halton Hills, residents can expect to see an overall increase of $141.39 in their property taxes for 2022.  Note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario government postponed the 2020 assessment update performed by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.

Chris Mills, Chief Administrative Officer advised that despite low assessment revenues, the budget maintains existing service levels, adheres to the Town’s long term financial plan, and makes appropriate investments in key areas. Ongoing challenges of managing the pandemic and its impact to the municipality and the local community are also reflected in the 2022 budget.

Mayor Rick Bonnette noted his support for the budget saying: “It has been a particularly challenging time given various pressures, but I feel that staff have brought forward a budget that is reasonable and realistic. Council discussed the proposed budget and asked some excellent questions of our staff. In the end, I feel we got to a good place. I’m sure the insurance levy will not be popular, but this is a dedicated revenue source and I remind the community that we have supported the advocacy efforts of the Association of Municipalities (AMO) in calling on the Province to take action against rising insurance premiums.  Staff have also put forward a comprehensive review of the insurance program in 2022.”

Previously the Town advised that the municipality’s total annual cost of liability insurance premiums had grown by $1 million over a five-year period, representing an approximate 258% increase over the same time frame.