• Through partnerships and leadership we are committed to building a community with the highest possible quality of life.
  • Our mission is to provide high-quality support to the business community to foster a prosperous and sustainable economy that enhances quality of life.


Imagine Halton Hills, an Integrated Community Sustainability Strategy has positioned the Town as a sustainability leader by acting as a blueprint to integrate sustainability into its day-to-day decision making, plans, policies and other initiatives. Imagine Halton Hills centers on a long-term community vision to the year 2060. In 50 years, Halton Hills will enjoy an even higher quality of life. That is, Halton Hills will be a thriving community characterized by:

  • Cultural Vibrancy;
  • Economic Prosperity;
  • Environmental Health; and
  • Social Wellbeing.

While the Town is committed to the Strategy's implementation, success will require the effort of our entire community. Whether your organization is interested in sports and recreation; social services; arts, culture and heritage; economic and community planning matters; the health of our natural environment or anything in between, consider  becoming a Partner in the Strategy’s implementation.  It’s easy and free!  Town staff will work with you to help you become a Partner.  Please contact the Office of Sustainability.


Leadership Example: South West Energy and Sichuan Taiyi

Read about the partnership between Sichuan Taiyi New Energy Development Corporation and South West Energy (SWE) in the Halton Hills Wenjiang Action Report of November 2017 (page 15.)  Sichuan Taiyi is a 40 year old company based in Wenjiang, China, specializing in solar panels, LED lights and other clean technologies.  Their extensive R&D has opened their interest in international markets. The two organizations' mutual interest in sustainable economic development, environmental protection and climate change was the catalyst for their discussions and partnership.

SWE & Taiyi MOU signing Sept 2017_0.jpg

Photo of Signing the Agreement between Sichuan Taiyi & SWE, Sept. 2017


Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Town of Halton Hills committed to developing a Climate Change Adaptation Plan to identify the issues associated with climate change to determine priorities and subsequently, outline actions that will enable the town to remain resilient to climate change now and in the future. A $175,000 grant from Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) was awarded in June 2017, which will be used to conduct a town-wide natural capital assessment and a climate change modeling exercise, to lay the groundwork for the development of a scenario-based Adaptation Plan. View the Media Release.


C40 Cities Climate Leadership

Mayor Rick Bonnette attended the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group at the invitation of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, held December 2017. The Mayor's participation brought Halton Hills to an international stage – an occurrence happening more frequently as the Town’s reputation for sustainability practices grows. View the Media Release.


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