Al Fresco in the Hills


A Phased Plan for Supplementary Restaurant Support 

A Town of Halton Hills initiative, in collaboration with the Economic Support and Recovery Task Force

To support restaurants, bars, and other food and drink establishments, the Town has launched the 'Al Fresco in the Hills' initiative. It will provide opportunities for additional dining space to help reduce revenue losses caused by necessary compliance with COVID-19 regulations. Al Fresco in the Hills will take a two-phased approach to allow time for restaurants, bars, and other food and drink establishments to adjust their pre-COVID-19 operations. Phase One: Temporary Patio Program will allow eligible temporary patios until October 31, 2020. Phase Two: Outdoor Dining Program is under development and is intended to allow for additional outdoor dining in larger public spaces, accommodating multiple restaurants. 

Phase One: Temporary Patio Program

Program Overview

The Temporary Patio Program is running until October 31, 2020. Subject to the application process and temporary patio proposal review and approval, eligible restaurants, bars, and other food and drink establishments will be permitted to set-up temporary patios on their private property or in a public parking space or sidewalk in front of or beside their existing business. Approvals issued are non-renewable.

Apply Now

If you are interested in operating a Temporary Patio, please email the Deputy Clerk of Halton Hills, Valerie Petryniak Complete submission requirements will be confirmed upon contacting the Deputy Clerk. 


Businesses Approved for Temporary Patios

The Town of Halton Hills is taking a streamlined and expedited approach to the review and approvals process for temporary patios. This approach ensures that businesses are able to promptly respond to the impacts COVID-19 is having on their revenue stream.


To date, the following businesses have been approved to operate a temporary patio:


Angels Diner

Address: 220 Guelph Street, Georgetown

Temporary Patio Capacity: 7 Tables, 20 Persons

Temporary patio located along the front of the restaurant



The Red Harp Pub

Address: 137 Mill Street E, Acton

Temporary Patio Capacity: 14 Tables, 56 Persons

Temporary patio located in parking lot, adjacent to existing patio




Address: 256 Guelph Street, Georgetown

Temporary Patio Capacity: 10 Tables

Temporary patio located adjacent to existing patio 

Kelsey's Patio.jpg

Photo: Kelsey's Temporary Patio


Shepherd's Crook

Address:  86 Main St S, Georgetown



Shoeless Joe's

Address: 367 Guelph St, Georgetown



Teddy's Greek Grill

Address: 118 Guelph St, Georgetown



Madison's Restaurant and Bar

Address: 13850 Steeles Ave, Halton Hills



Appalachian Public House

Address: 68 Main Street North, Georgetown

Temporary Patio Capacity: 6 Tables, 24 Persons

Temporary patio located in front of the restaurant



Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge

Address: 235 Guelph St, Georgetown



Georgeview Open Kitchen Restaraunt

Address: 154 Guelph St, Georgetown



Hungry Hollow Smokehouse and Grille

Address: 136 Guelph St, Georgetown



Up Yer Kilt

Address: 525 Guelph St, Norval



The Town of Halton Hills, Halton Region, and the Province of Ontario are providing guidance to business owners as they navigate re-opening and recovery.

In anticipation of opening a temporary patio to patrons, the Town of Halton Hills has developed the attached guidelines for business owners to follow. The Region of Halton's Public Health department has developed guidelines for restaurants, bars, food trucks and other food and drink establishments. The Province of Ontario's Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development has developed health and safety guidance for restaurants and food services

For the most up-to-date information and guidance, please see the Reopening Halton Region webpage. 

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