Al Fresco in the Hills


A Phased Plan for Supplementary Restaurant Support 

A Town of Halton Hills initiative, in collaboration with the Economic Support and Recovery Task Force

To support restaurants, bars, and other food and drink establishments, the Town has launched the 'Al Fresco in the Hills' initiative. It will provide opportunities for additional dining space to help reduce revenue losses caused by necessary compliance with COVID-19 regulations. Al Fresco in the Hills will take a two-phased approach to allow time for restaurants, bars, and other food and drink establishments to adjust their pre-COVID-19 operations. Phase One: Temporary Patio Program will allow eligible temporary patios until October 31, 2020. Phase Two of the program extends temporary patio agreements on private land to January 1, 2021. 


Reminder of Indoor and Outdoor Dining Guidelines and Regulations
Posted: December 9, 2020

The Town of Halton Hills continues to implement actions to support businesses in response to the challenges posed by COVID-19. 

Per Ontario's COVID-19 Response Framework, Halton Hills is currently in the Red Level (Control) of the Provincial COVID-19 Response Framework. Per Ontario Regulation 263/20, to ensure public safety, restaurants, bars and other food and drink establishments located in Halton Hills are reminded to follow all applicable requirements, including:

  • Maximum indoor patrons: 10 (where physical distancing of two meters can be maintained)
  • Maximum outdoor patrons: 25 (where physical distancing of two meters can be maintained)
  • Maximum of 4 patrons per table 
  • Any tent installed is considered ‘outdoor dining’ and does not add any indoor dining capacity
  • Any proposed tent must:   
    • be erected at least 3 meters away from the existing building or other structures;  
    • have at least two full sides of the tent open to the outdoors; 
    • comply with applicable provisions of the Ontario Building Code;
    • comply with applicable Zoning; and,
    • not have heaters located inside of the tent or under any canopy. 
  • Dining domes must have two sides or 50% of the enclosure open and a maximum of 4 patrons per dome
  • Dining domes with an area of less than 10m2 do not require a building permit

For more information on outdoor dining in Halton Hills, please visit Al Fresco in the Hills
For building permits requirements , please contact the Town of Halton Hills Building Division.
For inquiries on heaters, please contact the Town of Halton Hills Fire Department at 905-877-1133.
Details on the Provincial COVID-19 Control Level – Red are available at: COVID-19 Response Framework

Temporary Patio Program

Phase One: Private and Public Patios Program Overview

The Temporary Patio Program is running until October 31, 2020. Subject to the application process and temporary patio proposal review and approval, eligible restaurants, bars, and other food and drink establishments will be permitted to set-up temporary patios on their private property or in a public parking space or sidewalk in front of or beside their existing business. Approvals issued are non-renewable.

Phase Two: Private Property Patio Agreement Extension and Warming Options

Phase Two of ‘Al Fresco in the Hills’ will extend the agreements for patios on private property to January 1, 2021. The agreements also allow patio eateries to either erect tents or utilize heaters and run electrical cables to provide shelter and warmth.

Guidelines: Private Patio Extension and Warming Guidelines

Tents: Appendix 1 - Tents General Notes

Media Release: Al Fresco in the Hills Program Extends Temporary Patios with Added Warming Options


Apply Now

If you are interested in operating a Temporary Patio, please email the Deputy Clerk of Halton Hills, Valerie Petryniak Complete submission requirements will be confirmed upon contacting the Deputy Clerk. 


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