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The Community of Halton Hills is located in Ontario, Canada’s largest province with a population of just over 14.4 million. Canada has been named as one the best countries in the world to headquarter a business and it has been ranked:

  • 2nd Best Place in the World to Start a Business, Source: The World Bank 2017
  • 3rd in the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Index, Source: Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute
  • 2nd Best Place to Locate a Global HQ, Source: US News and World Report 2018

Halton Hills is part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) known for its thriving business climate and lucrative markets that rival the world’s strongest economic regions.

The community can leverage factors such as a highly educated labour force, competitive tax rates, attractive R&D tax credits, favourable health care costs, convenient market access and a superior quality of life to help contribute to the success of any new investment.

Prime Location

Halton Hills is conveniently located in the north western corner of the Greater Toronto Area, which is the fourth largest metropolitan area in North America. Nearby air, rail freight, shipping, highways, and commuter rail provide convenient, modern infrastructure for people and goods movement.

Distance to Major Centres

Halton Hills to: Toronto: 28km (18 miles) Montreal: 570km (354 miles) Detroit, USA: 350km (210 miles) Buffalo, USA: 150km (90 miles) Cleveland, USA: 450km (269 miles) Chicago, USA: 800km (500 miles) A 90-minute flight reaches 145million people in Canada and the U.S.

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Population Growth

With a population of over 61,160, Halton Hills has seen a 3.6% increase in its population since 2011. The population is forecasted to grow to 95,300 by 2031 and to 120,400 by 2041.

Young Families

With an Average age of 39.3 years, Halton Hills has the 2nd lowest average age in Halton Region. 57% of the population is married and there is an avegare of 3.1 people per household.


60% of the workforce have post secondary education.

Total land area re-designated from agricultural uses to other land uses

Average Housing Price

According to the Toronto Real Estate Board, Halton Hills had a very strong start to 2020. Average price for a detached home is $898,540, townhouse is $630,333, and condo is $383,000.

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